Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Annual Miniature Art Show & Sale!

Miniature Art Show and Sale
Sunday, December 7th, 2014
2pm - 4pm
at duCret School of Art Auditorium

Bring the family and tour the school. Meet student artists, faculty, alumni and view or purchase original artwork. Great holiday gift shopping for one of a kind, hand crafted pieces. Music and refreshments!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Model With an Unusual Eye

Every once in awhile you stumble across a model who's just a little bit MORE than that. This is especially happening with our incoming generations who are managing to 'birth in' a little cleaner, clearer and bolder in their visions. Meet our Tues Eve Open Studio model for the evening, Loreal Prystaj. She's not only an unusual minded model, her own artwork is a testament the reality of the INDIGO/CRYSTAL revolution of higher vibration beings that are birthing during these times. Come Paint her tonight! She's a true joy in person!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tues Eve Open Studio's Guitarist

For several years now the Tuesday Eve Open Studio has been graced with the original music of local musician, Brian Celardo. Mellow and yet with an infectious beat in several of his tunes, Brian's music provides the perfect environment, conductive to creating great art. 

Tuesday Eve Open Studio's are designed with the general public in mind, where anyone over the age of 16 years (with parental permission) can join other artists of the local area on the Fine Art Floor to draw, paint or even sculpt. A live costumed model is present, and individuals can either work on their portraiture skills, paint the musicians or work on their own art projects. Click for OS schedule.

Brian, who is also an integral part of the Fanwood Performance Art Series can also be found at

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Whether you are seeking a F/T Art Career Program or want to take just one class at a time, the duCret School of Art is currently accepting applicants for Spring Semester 2015 beginning in January!

F/T and P/T Career Program
Apply now. After you apply, you will be contacted and scheduled to meet and interview with an admissions rep.

One Class At A Time
Just stop in the administrative office Monday though Friday between 9 am and 4 pm to enroll in a class.

Anyone 16+ (with parental permission) can enroll.

Anyone can schedule a free tour and career consultation by calling 908-757-7171 or walking in Monday through Friday, 9 am - 4 pm. If you would like to be part of NJ's oldest art school & central Jersey's largest artists haven - join us this Spring 2015!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer at duCret - Classes & Open Studio's!

Summer is a busy time at the duCret School of Art. What many people in the local area may not have realized yet is that duCret, aside from being an art career school, is also a community resource center for families. duCret educates artists from the tender age of 6, up to active seniors 96+. During the summer, anyone 16 yrs+ (with parental permission) can take any of the adult workshops and attend any of the four running Open Studio's. There is also a  Child & Teen Art Camp that runs for two weeks every July.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

duCret's OS Takumi Instructor Featured at Somi Open House

SOMI Fine Art, the newest Flemington gallery, opened at the historic Stangl Factory in downtown Flemington on Oct. 5. The gallery’s one-of-a-kind venue brings an exciting collection of art and fine craft to one of Flemington’s most important historic landmarks. The concept of SOMI Gallery is to bring a more diverse range of art and fine craft to the Hunterdon/Bucks market in an inspiring gallery environment.

Simon Keller, Japan-trained ceramic artist in residence at the duCret School of Art (www.ducret.edu ) brings years of cross-cultural art and art event experience to the gallery: “SOMI means simply South-Of-Mine (Street). But as life has it, in Japanese it translates as Plain, Natural or Elements of Beauty, 素美. In that sense we perceive SOMI as an artist collaboration where an eclectic selection of art works are offered to our patrons in a space that in itself is an evolving work of art telling the story of beauty, the techniques and materials it takes and its creators.

Gallery for Fine Art and Art Events
A: 50 Stangl Road Flemington NJ 08822
P: 908-237-1700

Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Back to Business after Storm Sandy

Nov 12 Update: Electricity has been restored to the general area and this week duCret School of Art is back to it's usual classes, Open Studio's and monthly workshops. Though the image to the left seems daunting, we were very lucky that the few trees that did fall, fell away from the building and there was only minor gutter damage. Most everyone affiliated with the school were without power for quite some time. While there was a curfew in the town of Plainfield, luckily, students and teachers alike, fared fairly well through it all and all classes and Open Studio's this week are running. This week 'NJ Musicians in the Park Meetup' group will play on Tues Eve, Portrait Open Studio. The Caras and Colleagues 85th Anniversary Show and Sale, which was postponed, will be on November 17th from 6pm - 9pm at the Middletown Arts Center. The center is located at 36 Church Street, Middletown, NJ 07060. Click here for more details on the upcoming show.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Storm Sandy Open Studio Information

Monday Nov 5 Updated Storm Information: Power is restored to duCret School of Art and the school is officially open as of Mon., Nov. 5th. However, due to Plainfield's 7pm Curfew Law that is in effect, and with darkened streets and numerous downed trees making night driving hazzardous, please take note of this week's class and night activities cancellations:

EVENING CLASSES this week through Wed. evening are closed. Please stay tuned for Thursday evening class info TBA on Wednesday.
EVENING WORKSHOPS and OPEN STUDIO'S this week of Nov 5 - 9 are closed. We plan at this time to resume all Open Studios and workshops the following week starting Tues. Eve, Nov 13.

CHILDREN'S WED & THURS PERFORMING ARTS workshops for this week, Nov 7 & 8 are closed - to resume on Wed. Nov 14th.

CHILDREN'S/TEENS SAT MORN ART WORKSHOPS are expected to resume on Saturday, November 10, however please check back on Friday for updated weekend information.

NOV 3rd ART SHOW AND SALE was postponed and a new date will be announced, most likely sometime this coming week. The Middletown Arts Center was not affected by the storm and all artwork submitted for the show is safe and dry. The lecture/demonstration series beginning on the 9th and 10th may still run. Further notice regarding them will be issued by Wed morning.

We hope that everyone is safe and warm. For more information call 908-757-7171 as the administrative office are open this week, Mon - Fri, 9am - 4pm.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CBS NEWS Living Large Features duCret Instructor

CBS Living Large TV features homes that most of us can only dream of. Yet some individuals such as artist Christine Myshka, an instructor at the duCret School of Art, are afforded the experience of walking within the ‘larger-life’ reality, sans having to carry the hefty mortgages that go along with it. How could this be, one might ask? For several years, Christine has been contracted via a mural design company ‘Three Designing Woman’, to paint fantasy scenes in lavish and luxurious homes throughout the tri state area. Last year she spent most of her summer on scaffolding, painting scenic trees on 24 foot walls. These were not outside walls mind you, but were the interior walls of a NJ mansion, whose heights could match the panoramic perspective of a three story building rooftop level. Her job was to artistically enhance a huge foyer and stairway entrance of a $14 million dollar home in Colts Neck, NJ. By summer’s end, trees that would tower the average home had manifested in full bloom within the mansion. The job didn’t end there. According to CBS 2’s ‘Living Large’ host Emily Smith, who gave TV viewers a virtual tour of the home that was broadcast recently, several other areas of the home were touched with Christine’s artistic renderings as well. This included an eye catching stairwell and basement hallway that resembled a large Broadway theatre mezzanine, which leads to an actual theatre within the home.
Christine credits the vivid writings of Edgar Allen Poe as her childhood inspiration to become an illustrator. It is often said that the dreams of a child tell the soul what to do in life, if one but follows them. Apparently, Christine was listening carefully, for her work as a career artist now enables her to constantly explore and paint as many fantasy images as she likes, while getting paid quite nicely for it. As part of her professional training, Christine attended Parsons School of Design, where she earned a BFA in Illustration. She continued her studies at Parsons Paris, Du Cret School of Art and Grand Rapids Community College program in Greece. Christine has been freelancing as a professional artist since 1982. Her clients have included Davis Publishing Inc. Ideal Graphics Inc, The Home News & Tribune, Suburban Golf Club, Arcola Country Club, Rockaway River Country Club, T' Leon Advertising and EJs Bar and Grille. In addition to editorial, architectural and advertising illustration, Christine continues to be commissioned to paint murals. She is a long-time member of the Graphic Artists Guild. During the school year, Christine teaches ‘Life Drawing’, ‘The Business of Art’ and runs Wednesday Evening ‘Figure Drawing’ Open Studio’s at the duCret School of Art.  This summer Christine will be teaching a one day course called ‘The Business of Art Boot Camp’ scheduled to run on July 6th and again on August 3rd. Those interested can download a Summer Art Workshop catalog and can register by walk-in, mail-in or phone-in between 9 – 4pm, Mondays – Fridays.  duCret School of Art is also currently accepting registration for entry into Fall 2012 Semester. Visit www.ducret.edu or call 908-757-7171 for more info.

Summer Open Studio at duCret

Aside from over 35 adult art workshops offered at duCret, the summer season also features several Open Studio opportunities. Local artists, beginners, art pro's and students (16+) can attend any of the four open studios running throughout summer; Open Studio's include:  Takumi Ceramics and Pottery Wheel, Hand Building Ceramics, Portrait Painting & Drawing Open Studio and Figure Drawing Open Studio.


MON EVE - Running Continuously thru summer from 6pm - 8pm "Takumi & Pottery Wheel Open Studio". Remember the movie 'Ghost' with Demi M. and Patrick S? Always wanted to try the pottery wheel? It's SO much fun! Put your hands in clay dug straight up from Mother Earth, and learn how to shape her into something beautiful on the wheel. Enhance your experience with the flavor of Japan's ceramic history shared by our moderator, Simon, a Japan trained ceramics artist. Glaze and fire Mother's clay into editable pottery or plates. That's right - you could even make a dog bowl for your pets to drink from! Fee: $30.00/$25 students and alumni.

TUES EVE - Running July 10th - Aug 14 from 6pm - 9 pm "Portrait & Anything Goes" Open Studio. Live musicians play mellow tunes and sing to inspire artists. Here you can paint, draw or sculpt a live still (clothed & costumed) model, or paint the moving musicians or you can bring in your own unfinished artwork to work on. Models are booked usually three weeks in a row to allow completion of a painting and pose for 20 minutes at a clip. The mood is relaxing, upbeat and artists are encouraged to mingle during breaktime. Beginners to pros all welcome. Fee: $15.00 per / $10.00 duCret students and alumni.

WED MORN - Running June 6 - July 25 from 9am - 12pm "Ceramics Open Studio". This Open Studio focuses on hand-building methods.  Spending time in the ceramics studio is just a fun and productive way to relax and be creative. As no formal instruction is offered in Open Studio, some prior experience is recommended. Fee: $ 30 per session.

WED EVE - Running June 20 - Aug 15th from 7pm - 9:30pm "Figure Open Studio". A live nude model poses for five minutes at a clip giving artists the opportunity to fast sketch the full human figure and work on developing skills with regards to all aspects of the human anatomy. Based on classical and legendary art history, the honor of working with a nude form allows a maturity of artristy to unfold. Set to mellow music, this environment is quieter in nature, yet ever inspiring and welcoming of all newcomers. (This Open Studio is drawing only.) Fee: $15.00 per / $10.00 duCret students and alumni.